Generic Latisse Careprost VS Latisse: Who wins the Lash Growth Race?


Latisse is a cosmetic brand of the Bimatoprost solution which is used all across the world to promote the growth of longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. 

Careprost, also dubbed as the Generic Latisse is also a brand of the Bimatoprost solution which does everything that Latisse does, the only major difference is the price of the product.  

When a person sets out to buy a product for enhancing their eyelashes, that person goes through various doubts as to whether he or she should buy Latisse or the Generic Latisse Careprost. 

We live in a world where the buyer is more involved in the buying decisions as he or she is presented with way more options than they had in the past. Now a person has the complete right and freedom to research a product and make up his own mind as to which product is more suitable for his or her condition. 

We decided to do a comparison between Generic Latisse Careprost and Latisse to assist the buyers to make quicker and more informed buying choices. 

Generic Latisse Careprost VS Latisse: Which Eyelash Growth Product is the Safest to use?

Let’s talk about the active ingredient that makes up Careprost and Latisse a choice to consider for eyelash growth, and that ingredient is the ophthalmic solution known as Bimatoprost.

This solution is called ophthalmic for a reason; Bimatoprost was specifically produced to treat an eye condition known as Glaucoma, which has symptoms such as high-pressure build-up due to poor drainage of the aqueous humor in one or both eyes. 

Given its history as a solution to promote the wellness of the eyes, we can say that Bimatoprost is completely safe for your eyes.

If you apply the products such as Latisse or Careprost on your eyelashes and a little drop falls in your eye then also it will cause no harm to your eyes in any way. Both Latisse and Careprost come in a bottle of 3ml of solution which contains 0.03% of Bimatoprost solution, thus we can say that both these eyelash enhancing products are equally safe for use.

Latisse VS Generic Latisse: Which Eyelash Growth Enhancing Solution is the most effective?

The effectiveness of the product or the solution can be determined by the results or the difference that a person experiences after using either of these eyelash growths enhancing Solution. 

Both the solutions contain 0.03% of Bimatoprost Solution and results are seen are 2 or 3 weeks of continuous application. The kind of results that a person gets varies, some people report a quick growth, some a slow one. Some people experience thicker lashes than others and some report to see darker lashes than other users. 

But the interesting thing is that these variances in the result are not due to the product but a person’s own genetic make-up. A pale blond-haired person won’t be likely to grow raven black eyelashes, and a person whose overall hair growth rate is slow will experience a slower growth rate than others.

Thus we can easily say that having the same amount of Bimatoprost solution, both the products will give you the same results but your results may vary from a person who has a completely different genetic make-up.

Generic Latisse Careprost VS Latisse: Which Eyelash Growth Product is easier to apply and use? 

When it comes to the application part, no matter which eyelash growth enhancing product to choose between Careprost and Latisse, you only have to apply it once in a day and only on your upper eyelash. 

None of these solutions can be used on your lower lashes or more than one in a day. 

Latisse comes with sterile applicator brushes which are only to be used once while Careprost is available in a variety of application options. 

You can get Careprost with a dropper form of application, you can apply the drops on your eyelashes using a clean mascara wand or q-tips (1-time use) or a brush, which you can clean and use. This can be useful if you want to use the same bottle to relive high pressure in the eyes as well as grow your lashes long. 

Careprost 0.03% Bimatoprost solution is also available with a roll-on sealing type, you will just have to roll it on your upper eyelashes and the solution will be applied on your lashes. Some people use this solution on their eyebrows as well and they find the roll-on feature to be useful. 

Careprost also comes with an applicator brush specially meant for use for the application of the eyelash enhancing solution on the eyelashes. 

So when it comes to the application and use, both of them are good, but Careprost (Generic Latisse) gives you more choice when it comes to the means of applications so it makes a much better buy from the application point of view. 

Latisse VS Generic Latisse: Which Eyelash Growth Enhancing Solution is the better Investment from the Price Point?

We have gone through a few features of the Generic Latisse Careprost and Latisse, and we have found them almost equal in comparison, but the price point is where both these products are poles apart. 

Latisse is the brand name product and as the company which produced Latisse put in a lot of investment in research, trials, tests, productions, and marketing of the product, FDA had given them a patent for it. And until they had that patent, only that one brand of Bimatoprost solution could be sold and prescribed for the growth of eyelashes. 

But after the expiration of the patent, other companies are allowed to produce their own Bimatoprost solution and after the approval of the FDA, it can be prescribed and sold for the growth of eyelashes. Careprost is one such brand, and as the production cost of this generic brand of Bimatoprost solution is much less than the former one, it is available at a much lower price range than Latisse. 

Another factor is that if you are buying Latisse for the purpose of growing eyelashes, which comes under the cosmetic use of the solution. Unless special circumstances, this will not be covered by your medical insurance. You will have to pay for it as a luxury expense. 

Thus from the price point of view, it makes a much better sense to buy Careprost Eyelash Growth Solution as we have seen that it works just as fine as Latisse for growing your eyelashes and making them darker and thicker.

Buyers Aid:

Both these eyelash growth products will be easily available at your local pharmacies and in some cases even at the drug stores near your area.

These Bimatoprost solutions can be prescribed as well as bought as an over-the-counter solution for their cosmetic use. You can also buy Careprost Generic Latisse Online or even the branded one if that is what you want to go for.

If you are buying any of these products online, ensure that the products are genuine, the sellers are reliable and the delivery services are good.

Checking refund and return policies before placing an order will save you from buyers’ regrets later on and reading on the reviews won’t hurt either. 

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