July 16, 2020 boost immunity

3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Immunity & Live a Healthy Life

Our body is said to be the temple of our soul, and what a marvellous temple it is! Our body takes in oxygen from the air to keep our body functioning well, it breaks down the complex food items through the digestion process and supplies nutrients to every single cell of our body and much more! Our bodies are what make us alive!

But our bodies need to be healthy in order to carry out all these body functions smoothly, and for that, a strong immunity system is needed.

A strong immune system keeps our body healthy, it fights any pathogens or harmful agents that can enter through the food we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breathe. Our immunity system is the army that fights against these harmful attacking agents and keeps us happy and healthy.

If our immunity system is not strong, we may fall sick more often than others, or we make take longer to recover from any physical activities or disease. If we don’t make active efforts in strengthening our immune system at the correct time, it could even lead to life-threatening conditions for your body.

But there’s no reason to lose hope, just like we can train an army and keep them up to date with new weapons and tools, we can make our immune system stronger and better at fighting off pathogens for us, using simple yet effective ways.

3 Things To Do To Make Your Immune System Stronger & Better:

Include Physical Activities in Your Daily Routine:

No matter how sophisticated we become, we will always belong to the animal kingdom, hence we need to have physical activities in our life!

When we move our body, our blood circulates across our whole body, and that is very important for boosting our immunity. So our heart sends oxygenated nutrient-rich blood through our arteries to every cell of our body, and all the waste products, as well as carbon dioxide produced by the cells, is transferred from the veins to the heart. This whole circulation of blood is important for a healthy immune system and it protects your body from various heart diseases as well as skin conditions.

Eating Food Rich in Various Micro-nutrients and Macro-nutrients:

What we eat plays a huge role in making our immunity stronger! Eating comfort foods such as pizzas and desserts once in a while is alright, we deserve them. But if junk foods or heavily processed food are a part of your regular diet then it may e contributing towards the weakening of your immune system. 

Eat a variety of food items such as fruits, grains, nuts, pulses, micro-greens, leafy vegetables, and herbs. A wide variety will ensure that you have all the necessary nutrients, vitamins as well as minerals supplied to your food.

Include Food items that contain Probiotics to Boost Your Immunity:

Most of the diseases are a result of or begin due to an unhealthy gut as an unhealthy gut is not able to digest food properly thus even if you eat well but your gut cannot break it down well then it will all be eliminated from your body in form of waste products. 

There are many different types of probiotic food products that you can eat or even drink such as yogurt, fermented vegetables, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, and pickles. These items can be consumed alone or even combined with other parts of your meals. 

These food items will aid the process of digestion in your body, improve your gut health, and make your immune system better equipped to fight diseases.

These three steps will be the pillars of having a strong immune system and are the basis of a healthy and nourished body!

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